Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Book Review: Suilyaniz Cintron: WindSwept


Author:  Suilyaniz Cintron

Title:  WindSwept

Genre:  Historical Romance, Kindle, Paperback,

Synopsis: "In an epic read by debut novelist Suilyaniz Cintron, Windswept is a timeless classic in the genre of historical fiction."
"Author Suilyaniz Cintron does a fantastic job, especially as a new novelist, in developing each character so realistically and with such sensitivity and empathy that your heart breaks for each of them."Windswept is a book that would be enjoyed by any reader who loves historical fiction, romance, or just a good read."
Readers' FavoriteThe year is 1912 and Lady Amelia Williams is one of the wealthiest women in Manchester England and mother to the lovely Abigail. When James Thomas, the son of a family who has recently moved to the countryside is invited to dine at the Williams manor he encounters the secret that Amelia has long kept hidden behind the walls of her home. A woman enslaved into servitude and beautiful beyond words but donned in rags and treated in the cruelest, most appalling way. Her name is Magdalena and one look into her eyes, so full of pain and sadness is enough to capture James's heart. A story of tragedy, sorrow, loss and love, how much can two souls endure when there are those bent on tearing them apart?

Review:  Windswept is an epic novel in that it spans time and generations. Written with a total familiarity for the era, the author introduces colorful characters each with their own particular story behind them. It begins with Isabella and her woeful story as she is integrated into the life of a servant and then her love affair with the master of the house, Charles. I do not wish to spoil the story for readers so will not elaborate any further on what happens to them, only that it is their child who becomes the main protagonist. Be prepared to be put through an emotional wringer. This novel is well-written and descriptive, ripe with imagery and the machinations of its many characters. This book is romance with heartache and suffering but with an underlying theme. Love prevails.I was sent this book for review.

 About the author: Suilyaniz Cintron is a fiction writer who has been creating stories and characters since her early teens. She resides in her hometown of Ponce Puerto Rico. When she isn’t writing she can be found reading, watching silent films or working on her YouTube channel. the author is really nice.

Edition:  kindle and paperback

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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