Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Book Review: Jeff Russell: The Dream Shelf

The Dream Shelf

Author:  Jeff Russell

Title:   The Dream Shelf

Genre:  Fiction, historical, Science Fiction and fantasy, Science fiction, alternative history, crime, thriller and mystery, military,

Synopsis:  No pictures, no past, yet his dreams were left on the shelf. A book, a trolley car, a framed quote and a plaster bust represented the places Sam’s father wanted to see, the things he wanted to do. But Robert Archer refused to discuss his background, and when he died unexpectedly, Sam was left with the bitter regret of a lost opportunity to learn more about his dad. With the discovery of a hidden yearbook, a list of names, and a government document, things change. Sam’s interest in his father’s life becomes a surreptitious tale that ignites a passion to know what happened to him and why his secrets could not be shared. He embarks on a quest for ‘his story’, one with both the promise of closure and the threat of learning more than he wants to know. The trail leads to Gus, a WWII veteran whose cryptic ramblings suggest a plan to use an atomic weapon against Germany during the war, and his daughter Karen, who is torn between helping Sam and protecting her father. Together, they learn the dark secret behind the Dream Shelf, the high cost of integrity and the lessons a father left behind for his son.

Review:  This book was really good and l enjoyed reading this book and l loved the storyline and l was sent this book for review and l found it hard to put this book down once l started reading it and l highly recommend this book to anybody and l cannot wait to read more from this author and this book only comes in kindle format at the moment but the author may bring it out in paperback or hardback.

About the author:  I am a tale-spinner. My childhood heroes were Jules Verne and Victor Appleton II, architects of fantastic adventures. Hemingway stepped in when I discovered that the trials and triumphs of real people those with limited physical and financial resources were even more intriguing than science fiction. Today I try to follow that example with my own characters. They are the ‘you and me’ of the world, ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances, beaten down perhaps and yet determined to succeed. Invariably they find adventure, romance and self-fulfilment, as should we all.

Edition:  Kindle

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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