Monday, 27 July 2015

Book Review : Nuzo Onoh : The Reluctant Dead

The Reluctant Dead

Author: Nuzo Onoh

Title: The Reluctant Dead

Genre: Horror, Ghost, Fiction and Occult

Synopsis: A Scorned Wife Returns to wreck a terrible vengeance on the husband and mistress that caused her untimely death. A morgue assistant fails to follow the strange night-time rules of the mortuary and gets himself “a follower”, the restless spirit of a murdered young woman. The ghost of a young boy returns to his school to complete his classes, tragically cut short by the cruel hands of death  The reluctant dead is a unique collection of six spine-chilling ghost stories from the deepest lands of Africa. Be warned! They will leave you glancing over your shoulders for a long time! A new genre to terrify you by Nigeria’s startling new talent. Peter Stephenson (obe) (ex British high commission, Lagos, Nigeria).  The stories in this book are dedicated to my beautiful mother, Caroline onoh, The consummate story-teller; to my second mother and inspiration, Edna izuora and to my late uncle, Sabastian afadi, whose ghostly moonlight stories inspired a love of supernatural and unknown in me. My immense gratitude to my great friend, ted dunphy (A.K.A greengoalie 1), without whose invaluable critique this book would never have been written in its present form. “Irish” , This book is as much yours as it is mine. I thank you for everything.

About the author: Nuzo Cambridge onoh is a British writer of African heritage. Born in Enugu, in eastern part of Nigeria ( formerly known as Biafra) , she lived through the civil war between Biafra and Nigeria (1967 1970) , an experience that left a strong impact on her and continues to influence her writing to date. She attended queen’s school, Enugu, Nigeria, before proceeding to Quaker boarding school, The mount school, York, (England) and finally, st Andrew’s tutorial college, Cambridge, (England) from where she obtained her A ‘levels. Nuzo holds both a law degree and a master’s degree in writing from Warwick University, (England).

Review:  this is a good book very easy to get in to and hard to put down once you picked it up and l got this book sent to me for a review and if l could l would rate it 10 stars but l rated it 5 stars and it’s a great read and l love ghost and supernatural stories and films and tv series and this book comes under all the rolled into one book and l love all the short stories and l love reading any genre but this book is out of my normal genre but glad l read this book and l would happily read again and l would highly recommend this book and people who do not normally read this type of book should give this book a go cause it is really good and it is a awesome book anybody would love this book  and this book come in paperback and kindle edition

Star rating: 5 out of 5 stars