Monday, 22 June 2015

Book Review : S.J Higgins : The Dark Side Of Chemistry

The Dark Side Of Chemistry

Author:  s.j Higgins

Title: the dark side of chemistry

Genre: fiction, family sagas, romance, historical romance, romance suspense, literature & fiction,

Synopsis: When Trent is given orders to leave his lab and to deploy to Afghanistan to test a highly confidential and dangerous serum which he has developed, Skyla can’t shake the feeling that the life she has with strong, dependable, loving, Trent is about to irrevocably change. Her fears are soon realized when an unknown enemy, intent on revenge, grabs hold of hers, Trent’s and Trent’s unpredictable brother Jensen’s lives and plays puppet master. A dangerous formula, a well kept secret, love and passion will change the course of three people’s lives more than they would ever have dreamed, or feared, possible. Skyla woke up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore and an empty bed glancing at the alarm clock on the cherry wood night stand, she saw it was 6.22am. Trent asked some of their friends to look in on Skyla when he was in Afghanistan to keep her company and makes sure she was ok and she had someone to talk to. Skyla was really upset because her brother who was also her best friend died callum he was only nineteen and he was killed by friendly fire and he was still a kid.  Trent was shot but he didn’t die but Trent’s brother had to tell Skyla
who was upset about it and she wanted to go be with him but her dad talked her out of it. Before long Trent was on his way home to Skyla and his brother nearly cost Trent his life.

Review: l really enjoyed reading this book and it was easy to get in to and it was really upsetting to read that Trent got shot but glad he survived and could not believe his brother nearly cost him his life and he had to tell Skyla that Trent had been shot and that he was okay and Skyla wanted to go be with Trent and Skyla had bad memories about war cause her brother who was also her best friend died due to friendly fire and he was only nineteen at the time he was still a kid . l got this book sent to me for review and l would highly recommend it and so glad Trent survived the war. Skyla dad talked her out of going to Trent which l am glad he did. 

Rated 5 out of 5 stars 

Book Review: Preeti Govada : I Am An Angel Daughter

I am an Angel's Daughter:


Author:  Preeti Govada

Title: I Am An Angel Daughter

Genre: Fiction, Biographical fiction, women writer & fiction, literature & fiction, contemporary fiction, biographical, fiction,

Synopsis: At the age of seven, when Ganga is diagnosed with polio, she doesn’t allow it to kill her spirit. Instead, she fills her life with renewed optimism and an undying philanthropism, inspiring the world around her. Her fight against poverty and decimation for her disability becomes stronger as she grows up amidst highly defeating barriers of religious orthodoxy. 
Love comes in the form of Paul, lighting up the dreams extinguished in her long ago. But, later when this very love threatens her identity and choices, she keeps her faith alive, despite incidents around her failing her.
Years later, yet another shocking fatality is secretly planning its attack on her. Will she fall frail to the gall of this new adversity? Will this cruel twist of fate bring untold changes to her loved ones’ lives?

To mother, with love
Each thought of yours gives me    joy                                        
Every moment spent with you feels like heaven
l remember you smile, your innocent laughter
which soothed every sorrow, and eased all pain.
Your nspiring words, they ring in my ears                                    
and seldom let me feel down and low
like magic, they wiring all fear and disharmony within
hope’s best companion and sorrow’s dreaded foe
the peaceful slumber in the warmth of your lap
to beautiful lullabies and tales so enchanting
untold happiness and countless smiles
they still manage to bring  .
I miss you often, almost everyday                                           
 your love so selfless and pure
I don’t know why, but my heart still believes                                           
someday, sometimes, we shall meet again for sure

Review: this book is really easy to get in to and l really loved reading this book and l would highly recommend it to anyone and I got this book sent to me for review and l would gladly read it again cause it a great read and l like the poem at the front of the book and it’s a amazing story and l was sad to read ganga passed away and l loved reading how her children was so close to their mother it reminds me of how close l am to my own mother. This book is worth the 5 stars l rated it

Rated 5 out of 5 stars  

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Book Review : Sarah Parry : Imitating Art

Imitating Art

Author: Sarah Parry

Title:  Imitating art

Genre: Crime, thriller, mystery, romantic science, romance , literature and fiction, cosy

Synopsis:  Well not IT exactly, but writing a book is what Nell Flanagan did to get over her philandering husband Patrick, leaving her for a younger model. An exercise that started out as therapy, but ended up with her becoming an International bestselling author. Things are looking up at last, until events start happening in real life that start mirroring events in Nell's book. When Patrick goes missing in similar circumstances to the husband in her novel, Nell finds herself under the scrutiny of handsome Detective Sergeant Rob Parsons, whom she labels with the same womanising brush as her husband, particularly when he tries to flirt with her during questioning. And then when her twelve years old daughter, Laurel, is kidnapped, Nell finds herself on the road south with the last person on earth she would want help from - the handsome police officer himself! Imitating Art is a romantic caper introducing a new detective duo that sizzles like the best flirtatious banter!This book is about a book author and her ex-husband and his wife wants her money and will do anything to get the money including faking a kidnapping of his own daughter which makes Nell more and more angry.

Review:  this book was a really good enjoyable read l love reading it and l would highly recommend it and l easily got into this book l could not put it down and so glad Nell’s daughter laurel is found safe and can’t believe her ex husband kidnapped his own daughter for money and his wife sounds crazy and she sounds like a is just after one thing money and can’t believe Stacey went to attack laurel and it was funny to read that Nell chased Stacey with a cricket bat cause she went for laurel and a mother would do anything to protected their children and Nell trapped Stacey foot in the door and Stacey did not go away and she kept scream and shouting though the letter box and then she reported Nell to the police. Patrick also faked his own death and he made it look like his fake death was from Nell book and she knew he wasn’t died and he was hiding somewhere.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars