Friday, 5 June 2015

Book Review: Ellen Potter: Olivia Kidney

Olivia Kidney

Author:  Ellen Potter

Title:  Olivia Kidney

Genre:   Children book, fiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, general

Synopsis:  Olivia Kidney is always moving house. This means she’s seen a lot. In fact, Olivia’s pretty sure she’s seen it all. Then she moves into the craziest apartment block ever. From murderous pirates to talking lizards, grumpy old princesses to a boy who smells like a barnyard, Olivia’s new neighbours are out of this world. But their extraordinary stories speed her into an incredible adventure. Suddenly Olivia has to start looking at everything, especially her own life, in a whole new, VERY special, way. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Olivia kidney. Olivia kidney is about to discover, that there’s no place as crazy as home! Olivia can’t find the keys to her new apartment block. Nor can she find her dad. The caretaker where is he? As her search takes her from floor to floor, Olivia discovers that this is one strange place to live. Here, it’s normal to come across a bunch of multicoloured talking lizards, an exiled princess, wall-to-wall tropical rainforest and a family that keeps a goat in their living room! Just what is going on? And will opening these door allow Olivia to face the mysteries of her own life...? She’s just moved into the craziest apartment block ever, and she’s about to meet the neighbours...

Review:  this book was a really good read it was confusing at first but l really got into it and l can read this book time and time again and not get bored it’s sad to read Olivia’s mother and brother have passed away but she has a loving father who will do anything for Olivia but he’s not a good caretaker and he always gets fired so that means another home, apartment block and school. For Olivia to make new friends yet again but Olivia normally just read a book then talk to friends and Olivia’s father sounds like a great guy. l read this book years ago and l love reading it.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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