Monday, 8 June 2015

Book Review : Torey Hayden : Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl

Author: Torey Hayden  

Title:  Ghost Girl

Genre:   Biography, medical, legal and social services, Psychology, social and health issues, child abuse,

Synopsis: A stunning and poignant account of an extraordinary teacher's determination from the author of the #1 Sunday Times bestsellers The Tiger's Child and One Child. Jadie never spoke, never laughed, never cried. She spent every waking hour locked in her own private world of shadows. But nothing in Torey Hayden's experience had prepared her for the nightmare Jadie revealed to her when finally persuaded to break her self-imposed silence. It was a story too painful, too horrific for Hayden's professional colleagues to acknowledge. But Torey Hayden could not close her ears or her heart. A little girl was trapped in a living hell of unspeakable memories. And it would take every ounce of courage, compassion, and love that one remarkable teacher possessed to rid the "Ghost Girl" of the malevolent spirits that haunted her. Hayden’s books are unapologetic tear-jerkers. The true story of a child in desperate peril- and teacher who saved her.

 Review:  this book is really good but upsetting at the same time and Jadie sounds like a very nice quiet girl and her teacher helps her and Jadie is a brave girl speaking up about her unspeakable memories and the teacher who helps her sounds like a really nice and she just wants to help this child and bring her out of her shell and help her with memories from her past and she still goes to school. She really strong child opening up to talk to her teacher.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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