Saturday, 6 June 2015

Book Review : Steve Moore : Strange deaths

"Fortean Times" Book of Strange Deaths

Author:  Steve Moore

Title:  The Fotean Times Book of Strange Deaths

Genre:  Biography, true crime, society, politics and philosophy and social sciences

Synopsis:   What a way to go. Firemen tackling a forest fire in the south of France called in a special flying boat that sucked up water from the Mediterranean and dropped in on the blazing trees. The next day, while sifting through the embers, rescue crews came across the body of a man who been killed not by fire but by falling from a great height. At the inquest, it was observed that the victim was wearing swimming trunks, snorkel and flippers. Dying is an art, wrote the poet Sylvia Plath... and she was right. Many deaths are truly theatrical. Others owe more to low comedy and the macabre prank. Culled from the pages of fortean times magazine, the book of strange deaths draws on the world’s greatest archive of the bizarre. It contains a plethora of fully documented tales covering some of the most outlandish, tragi-comic, freakish or just plain unlucky deaths that have ever puzzled the police or raised eyebrows at an inquest. What’s been said about strange deaths. My book of the year... this anthology could not fail to cheer up anyone who might feel passingly morbid miles kington. Side-splitting and hilarious the people

Review:  this book is weird but it is a good read but some of the deaths are weird but funny and l know deaths Ain’t funny and this book is enjoyable read and it is a short book but it is really good story and more than 350 exotic extinctions including chicken sex death, chainsaw suicides, death by doughnut, cactus revenge killing, flying turnip tragedy

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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