Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Book Review: Kylen Gartland: The Messenger

The Messenger

Author:  Kylen Gartland

Title:   The Messenger

Genre:  Young Adult, Kindle, Paperback,

Synopsis:  Ameliora is a young gray wolf struggling with a disturbing recurring nightmare. In this terrible dream, she is pursued by a beast with horrible fangs who kills her each night just as she awakes from her horror. She tries to cope with the troubling scenes but is not completely able to hide it from her fellow pack mates. Most of them offer support, but some think she is just trying to avoid her duties.During a hunt, a beloved motherly figure entertains the group by retelling an ancient myth of a dark-hearted wolf who bonds with the spirit of chaos and corruption to create a half-mortal that terrorizes the wolf world. In response, a pure-of-heart she-wolf bonds with the spirit of peace and unity to battle the evil beast.Haunted by this story and how it might relate to her own nightmares, Ameliora slowly begins to discover her true character—and even her true purpose. As a prophecy comes to light, Ameliora feels the pull to venture out to answer an inner calling—and comes face-to-face with her destiny.Filled with mystery, intrigue, and heroism, The Messenger is a rousing adventure from the opening page to the last

Review:  I went ahead and gave this book 5 stars!  this book is really good and l really enjoyed the storyline and l was sent this book for review and l read it on ibooks and l hope to hear more from this author and this book comes in paperback too and l highly recommend this book to anybody even if you are not into books like this it is good to get more genre and authors in your reading portfolio 

About the author: Kylen Gartland studies anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis. Currently residing in Missouri, she works at the St. Louis Zoo studying gorilla behavior.She started work on The Messenger at the age of fourteen and finished the novel before she turned eighteen. This is her first published work, born out of a lifetime of dedication to zoology and animal writing

Edition: Kindle and Paperback

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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