Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Book Review: Mae Redding: The Color Of Jade

The Color of Jade 

Author:  Mae Redding

Title:  The Color of Jade

Genre:  Teen and Young Adult, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Action and Adventure, Literature and Fiction,  

Synopsis:  ‘The Color of Jade’ a young adult novel that fans of the Hunger Games and Divergent series will love. After a devastating illness ravages the earth, sixteen year old Jade Kennington finds herself caught in the middle of a battle between Morrison and his Militia who is threatening their way of life and her brother Kane who is trying to preserve it. She meets Gage. He is confident, strong, and incredibly handsome and he captivates her attention with his rugged charm and chivalry. After Jade inadvertently kills a ruthless and influential Militia member during a struggle, Morrison swears retaliation on the Kennington family. Forced to leave her home Jade finds herself in the uncertain position to trust Gage with her safety, her heart and to keep her hidden as they try to pull her into the middle of the inevitable battle. Advance praise for ‘The Color of Jade’ 4.5 to 5 star reviews The action kept my heart racing. I loved the imagery and emotional depth. I am very impressed with your creative range. You move from a firm grasp on sensual ecstasy to dealing with the area of violence just as effectively. Home is where the heart is and I thank you for sharing your heart and your vision of home. I know I am reading a good story when I feel like I am getting emotionally tuned in to the characters and feel tears come to my eyes. I was touched by the response of Gage and the rest of the family. Most of all I like your images and emotional depth that calls out thoughts, feelings and sounds. I feel like I am reading in 3D. I feel invited as a guest to a home with people I care about. Thanks for sharing. I love this story Drifter, WDC --Great work. Excellent writing! Your attention to details, described very well is amazing. Your characters are real and their responses and dialog are right on. Your way of building suspense is well written. This is wonderful description; I've never read better. You've got a great story, you have the art of creating real characters and real relationships. You have the ability of bringing in details of a scene to life. The story is intense and emotions can be unraveling among the various characters.. This book was absolutely amazing. I could not stop reading it and I can't wait to move on to the next part of Jade's story! It was so full of suspense and action. If this was printed into a book, I would have it on my shelf in a heartbeat! The characters were well shaped and consistent, and I loved Jade's character! I can't express what a great story and plot line this was. Super, great, awesome job!! Tia Marie, WDC I really love how you managed to catch the duality of innocence and intelligence. Jade is not stupid by any means but you tell her age through every word. Being sixteen is hard enough without having to handle rifles. Your very true to soul descriptions make her believable and also lovable. I hate when you're reading a story and it takes forever (if ever) to actually gain empathy for the characters. You come right out of the gate with your character building and I really appreciate that

Review:  Teenage fiction has become a big business in the publishing world, l highly recommended it to anyone and even if you are not in to this type of book it's good to read outside your favourite genre and try something new and improved your reading to different types of books and genre and authors. I rated this book 5 star on amazon and goodreads. I found this book hard to stop reading it was easy to get in to and it was a great book to read and l found this storyline really good and l was sent this book for review

Edition: Kindle

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars


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