Friday, 18 September 2015

Book Review: Eleze "Lisa" Thomas-McMillan: Living Fulfilled The Infectious Joy Of Serving Others

Author:  Eleze “Lisa” Thomas-McMillan

Title:  Living Fulfilled… The Infectious Joy of Serving Others

Genre:  Food Bank, Food kitchen, Contemporary Fiction,

Synopsis: Living Fulfilled: The Infectious Joy of Serving Others is Lisa Thomas-McMillan's inspirational memoir about helping the plight of America's hungry that is equal parts harrowing and uplifting. With a decidedly spiritual message, she tells of her life growing up impoverished in Alabama, settling down in Los Angeles, then traveling back to her hometown to help the plight of the poor. She is also a fierce advocate against the death penalty. What makes Lisa Thomas-McMillan such an effective narrator is that she literally walks the walk. The book is punctuated by two long walks - one in Alabama, and a 900-mile trek from Alabama to Washington DC to raise awareness. She also raises spiritual awareness within herself. The book is at once a call to arms for volunteerism and a powerful spiritual message. Even as she is witness to so many people's misery, Thomas-McMillan is filled with joy and hope - the joy of being a servant to a greater cause. Though the spiritual message will be quite meaningful to those who share her faith, it may be so strong as to put some people off, which is a shame because her intentions are so worthwhile. Hunger, or even the death penalty, are not religious principles, so one doesn't need theology to understand their impact. If Thomas-McMillan's goal is to bring attention to these pressing issues, the book could have had a more universal message. There's a significant percentage of readers who will be sympathetic to her cause, but less sympathetic to her beliefs. However, this is Thomas-McMillan's story, and she tells it with great empathy and enthusiasm. So whatever religious reflections there may be should not dissuade any reader from giving the book a try. Her main message is that people should help to take care of others. That may be Jesus's message, but it's also common sense, so beyond whatever proselytizing there may be, the core of the book is uplifting and effective.

Review: Really enjoyed reading this book and how many people help others that are less fortunate and how one person followed their dream of helping people and l found this book easy to get in to and l was hooked after the first few pages and l was sent this book for review l was so into this book l am so sad l have finished reading it and l wish l could rate this book more because it deserves more than the five stars and l would highly recommend this book to anyone even if they don't like books like this you should read it because it's good to read different genre and to step outside your comfort zone and get new authors and genre in your reading portfolio and this book is a must have on your shelf "I am in love with this book l loving reading it and love how one person follows their dream to help others and wish l knew someone like this" l am glad this book is on my read shelf because l really loved this storyline.  

About the author: My name is Lisa Thomas-McMillan. I run a small non-profit food bank Carlisa, Inc. and restaurant in Brewton, AL. Seventeen years ago, when I moved back to my hometown of Brewton I had no idea where I was headed in life or what I was going to do. After a few months at home, I noticed a lot of elderly people were struggling with food issues and other problems that they needed help with. I had no funds for the more costly problems, but I did manage to put money together to prepare hot meals and food boxes for people and deliver them. They were ever so grateful and as word spread so did the demands for the meals and food boxes. As circumstances changed in the community so did my efforts to make a difference. I am still delivering meals to the elderly and poor because there is still a demand. My food box delivery has dropped because there are several other organizations doing that now. I always look for ways to contribute to my community that are not being tackled by other organizations. The area I am most concerned about now is feeding college students at the local community college. While talking to a friend in Los Angeles, Calif. she informed me that a room had been set aside for a food pantry at UCLA because students were going hungry on campus. She went on to say that, it was a growing national trend in this country. This author is really nice and she is really kind.

Edition: Hardback

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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