Thursday, 3 September 2015

Book Review: Suren Hakobyan: Godforsaken

Godforsaken: Book 1: Volume 1 (Shade of Light)

Author:  Suren Hakobyan

Title:   Godforsaken

Genre:  Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fiction, romance, paranormal, angels, young adult,

Synopsis:  Lily's dreams have always been haunted by a mystical stranger with green eyes; until the day comes that she unexpectedly meets that stranger in a club. He's wealthy and handsome, but those traits aren't the ones that mark him as being not like average men. In truth, he possesses a surreal power, and a set of angelic wings... An archangel turned outcast, Samael has wandered Earth for eons, unable to belong in either Heaven or Hell. However, he still holds a secret that both the angels and the fallen ones need to acquire at all costs. As soon as Lily meets Samael, her life is irrevocably altered. She herself is the secret at the heart of the war between angels and demons, and there's only one person who cares for her enough to try and save her from her fate: the exiled creature, Samael.


First of I would like to thank the author who so kindly sent me a free eBook copy in advance of the release in exchange for an honest review So this was a rare book indeed for me. From the first line the story gripped me and pulled me in. Instantly I had all these questions in my head. Where is Lily? What’s the Glade? Woah, who is that man and where can I get one? Okay yes those eyes behind that gate are creepy no thanks.Something else I really enjoyed and had a giggle at early on was Lily’s friendship Nancy. Who I also adored. She was so concerned about Lily and just seeing that in the book was refreshing. I’m always enamored by strong female friendships in books. Lily is such a relatable character. She’s bookish, loves to dream and be left alone and I picked up on hints of anxiety. But what I found most refreshing was a female protagonist who was beautiful and knew it, and also could look after herself and had such inner strength that it blew me away. This is so rare and I’m really glad we learn early on that she’s not going to be one of those cliché character types. She’s also very family centric, worried more about her aunt and uncle than herself. I’d struggle to find someone who can’t relate to her on some level, and commend the author for writing her so well that she literally jumps off the page into existence in your mind. She has to be up there with some of my favourite heroines. Angel books have always intrigued me but I could never make up my mind whether I loved or loathed them. This book, just wow. If even half the angel once l started reading this book l couldn’t put it down and l found it a enjoyable read and it’s a great book. 

About the author: Suren Hakobyan is the author of fantasy and horror stories, Godforsaken (Shade of Light series), Edge of End, Touching Freedom.Suren has been interested in mystery and fantasy stories and movies from early ages, that's why in his created books and short stories there is always an unpredictable mystery.Suren doesn't like stories with unreal and predictable happy-endings. The end of any story should have sense which makes the book better and real.

Edition: kindle and paperback

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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