Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Book Review: Sara Cleveland: Saving The Dragon

Saving the Dragon

Author:  Sara Cleveland

Title:  Saving The Dragon  

Genre:  Science Fiction and Fantasy, Fantasy, Young Adult, Literature and Fiction, Contemporary, Teen and Young Adult,

Synopsis:  Penelope has dreamt of learning magic since she was a small girl chasing imaginary butterflies in her dreams. Unfortunately, as the Princess of Saleria, magic is not only unsuited to her station, it is forbidden by her father. Spending her days slipping from the castle to gather supplies in a darkened shop is proving dangerous and more difficult as time goes by, even after she recruits help. When the opportunity arises to accompany her father on a visit to her Wizard Godfather, Stellan, Penelope jumps at the chance. Soon after arriving at the castle, Penelope realizes something is very amiss with her Godfather and his reclusive nephew. Things are not what they seem and secrets abound. When the truth is revealed, it sends Penelope hurtling down a road of danger and mystery. Her life will never be the same – and neither will Stellan’s. Butterflies of light danced around the small girl’s head. Peals of childish laughter rang off the colored-glass dome that formed the temple’s ceiling.behind the cantrip, a woman’s smiling face hovered, somehow blurred and distorted. Say thank you to uncle stellan, Penelope, the woman’s voice said. She sounded strangely muffled, as though Penelope were listening from underwater, The little girl caught the vaguest impression of piercing sliver eyes, But they were soon lost in the crowd as the ceremony  began. Through it all she was aware of her father’s scowling face looking down on them from a raised dais at the front of the temple. Penelope woke from the dream slowly as the nursery seeped quietly back into her awareness. When she was fully awake, The princess blinked rapidly, bringing the lace canopy above her little bed into focus. No glittering butterflies danced around her head, and the sounds of the temple celebration were gone, replaced with an empty silence. Sitting up, Penelope scanned the room. The woman from her dreams was gone, too. A nursemaid slept on a pallet by the hearth, her face cast in shadow by the fire’s dying embers. Michael, Penelope called softly into the darkness. Her brother, who was six and knew so much more about the world than four-year-old Penelope, slept in a bed across the room. His still form didn’t so much as twitch. With long-suffering sigh Penelope slipped from under the goose down stuffed covers and padded across the room. Michael, she said again, tugging on the sleeve of his sink pajamas. Michael, wake up. Whaddya want, penny? Her brother slurred. He rolled towards her, blinking owlishly to force his sleepy eyes to focus. What’s wrong? I had the dream again. The one with the butterflies? Uh-huh. I told you, penny, you’re just remembering your temple dedication. And the woman with the butterflies was mother? Yes, but she didn’t make them. That was wizard stellan, our godfather. Will wizard stellan come and make more butterflies again? I don’t know, penny, ask father in the morning. Now go back to sleep. He rolled away from her, punching his pillow into a more comfortable shape. Michael? What? Can l sleep with you? The boy sighed. But scooted over to make room on the narrow bed. Penelope scurried under the covers. Michael rolled so his back was to his sister. For several long moments all was quiet and the prince’s eyelids began to droop. Michael? What? Someday, l’m going to learn how to make magic butterflies. Then l’ll be able to see them whenever l want. That’s nice, penny, he said around a yawn. Go to sleep. Do you think wizard stellan will teach me? I don’t know penny. Michael’s voice had taken on an edge of aggravation. You’ll have to ask him. I bet you he will. Maybe, if he ever visits again. Why wouldn’t he? Heaving a sigh, Michael rolled over to face his little sister. Penelope, we need to go to sleep. Why wouldn’t he? Her voice rose sharply. Shhh, the prince hissed, glancing over his shoulder at the nursemaid. The woman snorted and rolled over, presenting her back to them. He hasn’t visited since then. That’s all. Now go to sleep before you wake nurse. Michael rolled back over. A few moments later his breathing grew deep and even. Penelope lay on her back and stared up at the decorative plaster on the ceiling above their heads. Michael’s bed didn’t have  a canopy like hers and she could just barely make out the shapes of faeries and butterflies dancing around the edges of the room. Although the darkness muted the colors she knew they were painted in all gay shades of spring. I will learn how to make pretty butterflies, the little princess promised the faeries. Even if wizard stellan never comes

Review:  this book was really easy to get in to and hard to put down once l started reading it and l really enjoyed this storyline and reading about the magic butterflies and how to make them and l was sent this book for review and it comes in kindle and paperback editions and it is a great storyline l would highly recommend this book to people to try some new and step outside their comfort zone in genre because it is always good to try something new and don’t stay inside your normal genre and everybody should try out new genre because you may like it. l really found this book a good read and it is a awesome read and l loved this book.

Edition:  kindle and paperback

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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