Thursday, 3 September 2015

Book Review: Courtney Shepard: Unbalanced


Author:  Courtney Shepard

Title:   Unbalanced

Genre:  Science Fiction and Fantasy, Fantasy, Urban, Fiction, paranormal, romance, general

Synopsis: Asha is fire. Every generation four sisters with power over earth, air, fire, and water are born to fight against a fanatical, secret faith. The Order exists only to sacrifice the sisters for their power. With each success their strength and control grows. They have never failed, for their rule depends on it. The sisters, separated at birth, are unaware of what hunts them...but they are coming. 
A handsome stranger discovers Asha in hiding, and swears allegiance to her cause. She falls for him; though he is not who he says he is. Betrayed and imprisoned inside the Order, Asha is without her power for the first time in her life.
 As the war heats up haunting secrets and true motivations are revealed, but the sisters must unite and override their instincts and trust the untrustworthy if they are to fight their terrifying destiny.

Review:  l found this book really easy to get in to and it was hard to put down once l started reading it and if anybody asked me if l know a good book to read l would recommend this one to them and say l loved this book and it’s a real enjoyable read. I found it a bit confusing to begin with but as l read on it made more sense. I was sent this book for a honest review.

Edition: kindle

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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