Thursday, 10 September 2015

Book Review: J.M. Shorney: Night Of All Evil

Night of all Evil

Author:  J.M. Shorney

Title:  Night of All Evil

Genre:  Fiction, Romance, Gothic, Horror,

Synopsis:  turning your back on the past doesn’t mean the past has turned it’s back on you. Freya Monroe used to be part of a circle that engaged in the occult, but has turned her back on it however the circle are determined to bring her back in to the fold, to use her powers for their means, including resurrecting their leader from the dead the group will stop at nothing to achieve their aims and Freya must call on all her resource to resist the power of evil but will it be enough. A tense tale of gothic horror- not for the faint-hearted. Three young girls lost their life one who was the daughter of one of the occult members. Because of the occult trying to resurrecting this evil leader. Freya’s husband thought she had sided with the occult but she was trying to stop them from bring the devil back. Nick’s publisher kidnapped their son but it was all part of the occult plan to get Freya back. But you never know what a parent would do to save their child. Freya woke up after hearing a loud noise she was telling her husband about her dream. He said was it not a car back firing. She said l have a gut feeling something wrong with Fred so she got dressed and drove to Fred’s home to the police and an ambulance being there and the body of her beloved friend Fred being taken away with his full body covered in a blanket and she knew her beloved friend was gone and he was killed by his son because Fred sent Freya away when her first husband died so her and Alan couldn’t get together.

Review: l was glad to read that their son was found safe and l was sad to read that one of the girls was the daughter of one of the occult members and l was sad to read that the occult used nick’s publisher to get Freya’s son and then killed and so he couldn’t tell them where the house was. Which l think the mother who let her daughter to be murdered to try bring this evil man back to life. I was sent this book for review it was hard to put down once l started reading it and l was sad to read the occult caused the death of Freya’s first husband who died in a fire that started in his car and l fall in love with this book l was hooked on the book after the first few pages l would highly recommend this book to anybody l rated this book the highest rating. I cannot wait to read more from this author.

Edition: kindle and paperback

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars


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