Thursday, 10 September 2015

Book Review: Diane Weinmann: A Tail of Hope's Faith

A Tail of Hope's Faith

Author:  Diane Weinmann

Title: A Tail of Hope’s Faith

Genre:  Home and garden, animal care and pet, science and nature, biological sciences, animal sciences, animal care and pets,

Synopsis:  Once love blooms it never dies. When traditional veterinary medicine did not offer any help, one family learns the true meaning of dedication, love, and a promise kept by talking with their pet, using the phenomenon of telepathic animal communication. Learn how talking and applying holistic healing will help your pet when that heart-wrenching time arrives. Read this story and you will find answers to provide the best care for your furry family member. “A Tail of Hope’s Faith” proves beyond doubt that death is not an end. We already know that your animal family member will always live on in your heart, mind, and life. Be assured you will always be together as a love so strong will endure forever. A Tail of Hope’s Faith” is a love story between a dog and her family as they experience physical and emotional healing beyond their wildest imagination, which brings them full circle with life itself. What would you do and how far would you go for your furry family member? What could you learn if you would just listen?

Review:  I really enjoyed reading this book and l love animals myself and l would read this book again and still find it a great read and l rated it 5 stars on goodreads and amazon and l highly recommend it and it is a book every animal lover should read and l was sent this book for review and l found this book a must have and l glad it is on my read shelf and l read the first pages and l could not put it down and I would always put it down than pick it back up to read more. Great book

About the author: Diane Weinmann is an award winning author who lives in Parma, Ohio with her husband, son and dog, Neko. Her horse Montana lives in Hinckley. When not riding, writing, reading, or talking to animals, Diane volunteers at the Parma Animal Shelter. A portion of the proceeds from "A Tail of Hope's Faith" is being donated to the Parma Animal shelter to support their efforts to help the animals residing there

Edition: kindle, paperback and hardback

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Thank you for your great review. I would be happy to talk with your pets and you really don't have to be afraid of what they say...although...I have had some outrageous things told to the time one of my employee's family member who was temporarily living with her was smoking funny smelling stuff out on the front porch..oh yeah the dog totally ratted him out!