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Book Review : Lilly Gayle : Slightly Noble

Slightly Noble

Author:  Lilly Gayle

Title:   Slightly Noble

Genre:  Romance, Historical Romance, General, romantic, pregnancy,

Synopsis:  American privateer, Captain jack is not really an American, but heir to a viscountcy. When his father dies, he leaves everything not entailed with the estate to his worthless cousin. Jack’s only hope of inheriting his mother’s ancestral home and honoring her dying wish is to marry and produce an heir before his thirty-fifth birthday- in five months. And he doesn’t have a single prospect. Pregnant and unwed, Abigail Halsey is sent by her father to an Anglican convent until he can find a family to adopt his grandchild or a husband for his daughter. Abby has other plans, but they go awry when she goes into labor early and her rescuer, a pirate captain turned lord. Insists on marrying her. Is jack too much like his h=jealous, unforgiving father? Can Abby overcome her fear of men and have a real marriage? Or will she never be anything more than the unwanted wife of a slightly noble viscount?. Jack thinks the woman that was helping abby was a nun and she was going to help other unwed mothers but that is not the case. Jack gives her money to help with her charity.

Review:  this book is really good and its a story l was hooked on after the first few lines and l loved the Abby and jack story it was a really heart-warming. I was sad to read that Abby had been raped and then sent to a convent and she nearly died giving birth to her son and I could not believe jack’s father sent jack and his mother away cause he thought she been cheating on him with his brother and jack was not his son and l could not believe that the woman helping Abby was not really a nun and she took money off jack to help unwed mothers like Abby when she was a fake nun and l was sickened to read she killed loads of mothers and babies. But she was still grieving for the loss of her little boy. Her sister use to help unwed mothers keep their baby and her sister was looking after one of the women’s babies when Micah drowned in the pond in the backyard. She never got over having her little boy taken off her by her sister her brother thinks she killed their sister because she blames her sister for the death of her little boy and l thought she was going to kill Abby and will but thankfully jack saved them.

About the author: I write paranormal and historical romance. I have two grown daughters and have been married since 1980. I'm also a reader, who writes book reviews. But if I can't say something nice... and she is really nice and l cannot wait to read more of Lilly Gayle books.

Edition: kindle edition, paperback

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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  1. So glad you liked Jack and Abby's story. Thank you for taking the time to not only read, Slightly Noble, but for taking the time to write such a nice review.