Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Book Review : Susan Paulson Clark: The Relantionship Riddle A novel

The Relationship Riddle: A Novel

Author:  Susan Paulson Clark

 Title: The Relationship Riddle: A Novel

Genre: Fiction, Women Writer & Fiction, Romance and Contemporary Romance

Edition: kindle edition and paperback

Synopsis:  Vince, football coach who foster-parents a five-year-old boy, dodges romance like a shifty running back. Belle, who runs her own business, has sworn off chasing men like Vince. A strong attraction comes into play and belle and Vince start dating but with all their objections and temptations, will the flame keep burning? When Vince and his foster son find themselves in harm’s way, Vince and belle’s involvement takes a surprising new direction. To bill the relationship riddle a romance in the traditional sense, even though romance is a big part of the story line, would be to do it an injustice. It’s really about life’s unpredictability and its choices. The rest is up to the protagonists and up to the reader to follow with bated breath. Midwest book review and it’s about a women and man finding love and a sweet little boy tye who needs a home and he finds one with vince and even after his accident and losing his mother he’s still strong and his friends help him so he can keep tye.

About the author:  Susan Paulson Clark is an avid reader of contemporary fiction, mysteries, and non-fiction titles. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara with degrees in English and education, and shes an avid believer in writers’ critique groups! This book is part of the “stairstepz” series which includes the relationship shoppe: a novel and this author is really nice and she’s so kind

Review: l really enjoyed this book and it goes to show what anybody would do to save a child from being hurt l loved the belle and Vince story and tye sounds like a very sweet little boy even after what he went through with his mum and Vince’s mother sounded nice and l was sad to read his mother had passed away and the social worker Natalie sounds like a freak trying to get with Vince even though he had a girlfriend and belle sounds really nice and she’s really good with tye and Vince’s mother really liked belle and so did Vince and tye. It was sad to read that Vince’s mum passed when he was in hospital and he could not be by her side and l found it really hard to put this book down once l started reading it and it was easy to get into and l got this book sent to me for review but even if l did not get it sent to me for review l would have bought it cause l am in to romance books and this is a really great book l wish l could rate it more them 5 stars cause it’s well worth it .

Star rating:   5 stars out of 5 stars

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