Thursday, 27 August 2015

Book Review : Philip Williams : Idolatry, leadership And Terrorism

Idolatry, Leadership and Terrorism

Author:  Philip Williams

Title:   idolatry, leadership and terrorism

Genre:  society, politics and philosophy and philosophy

Synopsis:  This book examines the behavioural changes, in the individual and the society, due to idolatry. The book presents both secular and religious meanings to idolatry. It attempts to redefine “idolatry” from the narrow literal religious meaning to the more inclusive secular meaning. The author argues that the modern practices of idolatry led to suppressing freedom of expression and creating classes of non-representative leaders in our world today. The authorities’ desire to enforce respect for non-representative leadership’s decisions on the population, in addition to the absence of efficient dispute resolution mechanisms, led to the current situation of terrorism. The author argues that “idolatry” is the cause of complacency, and that complacency is a symptom of idolatry. The intelligentsia, shackled by idolatry, have abandoned their traditional role as advocates for the causes of the less fortunate and representatives of those who could not present their grievances in the society. The author argues the failure of current leadership and provides evidence from a few scientific research references available on the web for the reader to examine further. There are references to Representative Leadership and Causes of War among other valuable research references. The author proposes 3-pronged approach as a solution for terrorism: criticism, dispute resolution and representative leadership. Terrorism is a reaction to idolatry and the solution is to rid our societies from idolatry. The book does not stop at the problem of terrorism but goes further to argue that idolatry is the cause for the failure to plan for the needs of the earth’s population. The author rejects the myth that there are not adequate resources on this planet for the 7 billion of its inhabitants.

Review:   this book was really good and easy to get in to and it was a really good read and it is about war and terrorism and examines behavioural changes and l really enjoyed reading it and l wish l could rate it more than 5 stars cause  it is worth more than 5 but l rated it as many as l could l would read this book again and highly recommend it to anybody and l was hooked on this book after the first few pages and l was sent this book for a honest review and l am glad to read this book now and glad this book is in my library .

Edition: kindle and paperback

Star rating:   5 out of 5 stars

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