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Book Review: Tania Crosse: Morwellham's child

Morwellham's Child

Author: Tania Crosse
Title: Morwellham's Child
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Family Sagas, Historical Romance, Romance, Historical, Fiction, Contemporary,

I was given this book along with the follow on the river girl.

Book Dedication: For my dearest dad, who loved ships and the sea, and for my husband, who has kept me afloat.

This book has 272 pages and 29 chapters in it.

I would tell people that you should step outside your comfort zone with books because it is good to add more authors and genres to your reading portfolio. Even if you do not read books like this.

I normally read books of this genre but l also stepped outside my comfort zone with authors and genres l am so glad l did because l have read so many great books and come across some great authors.

I highly recommend this book but l would tell people to have the follow on as well so you can carry on the story not just half of it.

Synopsis: When beautiful, free-spirited Rebecca Westbrook – daughter of Morwellham Quay's respected harbour master – meets sophisticated captain Adam Bradley, she confounds all expectations by being anything but charmed by the good looks, perfect courtesy and smoldering   sexuality that make Bradley so reminiscent of Jane Austen's Darcy. On the contrary, Rebecca is angered by Bradley's superior manner, and repulsed by his attentions. For Rebecca's heart belongs to Tom Mason, A young cooper she has known all her life. Her father insistent that the pair wait until Tom is financially secure before they court openly, but the pain of separation drives Rebecca to desperate measures, her passion overriding all sense. Then tragedy strikes and Rebecca is forced to face the terrible consequences of her actions. However, she is not alone in her distress. Morwellham Quay was once the greatest copper port in Queen Victoria's empire, but now it is inhabitants face a devastating era of change that mirrors the troubled and irrevocable coming of age Rebecca must experience. Rich in detail, and vivid in characterization, this is a first-class debut saga of drama, tragedy and an overwhelming sense of love. Rebecca loss of her one true love and she thought about ending her life to be with Tom again and there would be no pain just freedom from the grief she feels and she goes to walk off the dock but Adam Bradley stops her and takes her home and her parents tell Adam about Tom and Adam wants Rebecca to be his wife but she just wants to be with Tom and she realize she is pregnant and she takes Adam offer to go on a date with him and they get married and she does not love him but she can not have a baby without being married and then they slowly fall in love with each other but then Adam has a tragic accident on his boat which he ends up losing his arm and then his wound does not seem to be healing so his doctor asks another doctor about good things to help heal it and he gets a ointment and they also have a daughter together. Adam and Rebecca love each other so much.

Review: I found this book really easy to get in to and hard to put down once l started reading it l was hooked after reading the first page. I loved reading about Tom and Rebecca's love. I was sad to read about Tom's tragic death but I loved that Rebecca was carrying Tom's baby and l think Rebecca loved Adam from the very first day she seen him and Adam loved Rebecca and he just wanted her to tell him how she felt. I was sad to read about Adam losing a arm in a accident and that his cousin tried to kill Adam and Rebecca nearly drowned because of him but thankfully Adam saved her and they went on to have a baby together. They was much in love with each other. I was glad to hear Adam's arm was healing by the ointment. Adam is a great dad to Toby even though he is not his son but he does not treat him any different then his daughter he loves them the same. Rebecca will never forget Tom but she can love again. I was happy to read that Rebecca carried out Tom's dream to get his family a better house and get them out of the damp place where Tom died. Adam and Rebecca get to meet the person that made the ointment that healed his arm. I was sad to read that Rebecca had a miscarriage. Adam's cousin died he drowned and Adam got everything he owned because Adam was his only living family member and it took days to find his body. Adam and Rebecca can get on with their lives and not have to worry about his cousin. It was Adam's cousin that caused the accident that made him lose his arm. I am happy to be able to read the follow on to this book the river girl.

About The Author: Dartmoor historical novelist Tania Crosse was born in London but at a very young age she moved to Surrey where her love of the countryside took root. She always enjoyed reading and has composed stories ever since she could hold a pen. After studying french Literature at university, she devoted twenty years to bringing up her three children. But her passion for writing never left her, and side by side with her in-depth research on to Victorian social history, she began to pen her novels in earnest as her family grew up. When Tania discovered Morwellham Quay, the restored Victorian cooper port and now living history museum in Devon, she fell in love with this magical place and felt a spiritual compulsion to create a story that would illustrate life there in times gone by. This led to the publication of her debut novel, 'Morwellham's Child' and now Tania has thrilled her readers with over 100,000 copies sold of her first two titles alone. She is rated among the top five per cent of authors for library loans in the uk, and her books are now being published in the us and translated in to European languages. Tania is continuing to work on her series of novels illustrating the rich history of Tavistock and the surrounding area of Dartmoor from Victorian times to the 1950's. She hates being categorized as a writer of historical romance. The history comes first, she insists, and the human tales develop from her research. The characters lead harsh, demanding lives and their stories are often cruel and harrowing. ' l tell it like it was', she says. Tania has been happily married for forty years and claims she would never have achieved her success without her husband's support. They live partly in Berkshire and partly at their tiny cottage on Dartmoor where Tania retreats to write and absorbs the atmosphere of the places that inspire her.

About The Book. This book cover is really nice and the colours is not too bright or not too dull. The font is really nice not too big and not too small.

Star Rating: Five Out Of Five Stars

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