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Book Review: Bernard Clark: A Mother Like Alex

A Mother Like Alex: One defiant woman. Nine special children.

Author: Bernard Clark
Title: A Mother Like Alex: One Defiant Woman, Nine Special Children.
Genre: true story, biography and true accounts, biography, diseases and physical ailments, physical impairments, biographies and memoirs, special needs.

I was given this book.

This book has 302 pages in it.

I would tell people that you should step outside your comfort zone with books because it is good to add more authors and genres to your reading portfolio. Even if you do not read books like this.

I normally read books of this genre but l also stepped outside my comfort zone with authors and genres l am so glad l did because l have read so many great books and come across some great authors.
I highly recommend this book.

Synopsis: They said it could not be done they had not met Alex bell. This is the story of an extraordinary mother and her unusual family – a story of courage, perseverance and above all, love. It is about a women who adopt seven children with down syndrome and becoming a foster mother to a child who has a life-limiting condition and a guardian to another child who is autistic, at 28, and unmarried, Alex battled with social services to adopt her first down syndrome, Matthew. She had succeeded in becoming one of the first single women in the UK  to adopt. But Alex did not stop there. She single-handed took on eight more children who, despite serious disabilities, are flourishing under Alex's fierce and devoted love. Like happy-go-lucky Matthew, who fulfilled his dream of working for Manchester united, and Adrian, the amazing number wiz, born as if with a calculator inside his brain, or the cute – but demanding – nine-year-old Emily, who coped with her traumatic cancer treatment by being downright bolshy and learning to be her own boss. This book is a tear-jerker and it is about a very brave children and the women who raised them and she is a single woman who loves all the children dearly.

Review: I found this book really easy to get in to and really hard to put down once l started reading it. This book was a really good read and it was heart breaking to read about nine year old Emily having cancer and alex sounds like a very special mother to nine beautiful brave children who show alex love and happiness as alex does them and alex loves all her children with all her heart. Alex showed courage and choose to raised them all on her own. It takes a special woman to do what alex does. Any child would be so proud to having alex as their mother. I really enjoyed reading this book and just goes to show that women can raise disabled children and not need a man to help her. I think alex and the children are so brave and alex is a great women, great mother. I wish l could rate this book more then five stars because it is worth a lot more and l wish there was a follow on to this book so l could see how all the children are getting on. Alex is a great women wish there was more people like alex. The world need more people like this. This book will have you hooked and leave you wanting more. I was hooked on this book after reading the first page. I would happily read this book again and again.

About The Author: Bernard Clark began his career as an investigative TV journalist, newsreader and director for the BBC. He went on to direct several acclaimed documentaries and originated 'watchdog', the BBC's long-running investigative series, as well the series 'timewatch' and 'bookmark'. He then set up Clark television. One of the first major independent production companies in the UK, producing worldwide current affairs and documentary programmes. He continues to make television series, combining this with writing. He lives in London and north Carolina.

About The Book: l love this cover it is perfectly fitting for this book and it is not too bright and not too dull. I love the font.

Star Rating: Five Out Of Five Stars.

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