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Book Review: Annie Murray: Water Gypsies

Water Gypsies

Author: Annie Murray
Title: Water Gypsies
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical, Romance,

I was given this book along with the first book in this series the narrowboat girl.

This book has 458 pages and 50 chapters in it.

I would tell people that you should step outside your comfort zone with books because it is good to add more authors and genres to your reading portfolio. Even if you do not read books like this.

I normally read books of this genre but l also stepped outside my comfort zone with authors and genres l am so glad l did because l have read so many great books and come across some great authors.
I highly recommend this book but l would tell people to have the narrowboat girl as well so you can read the first book in the series and then this book so you know the full story not half.

Synopsis: It is 1942, after a childhood of suffering in Birmingham Maryann Bartholomew has built a life of happiness and safety with her husband Joel and their children, working the canals on his narrowboat, the Esther Jane. But the back-breaking and constant childbearing takes their toll on Maryann, and the tragic loss of her old friend Nancy, followed by a further pregnancy, leads her to commit a desperate act which nearly costs her life, the walls of her security are broken down when Joel suffers an accident and. To keep the boats working, Maryann is forced to allow Sylvia and Dot, two wartime volunteers, in to the privacy of her life. When she discovered that someone keeps calling her at Birmingham's tyseley wharf, the dark memories of her past begin to overwhelm her. For that someone, who seems to be watching her every move, is becoming more dangerous than even she could imagine. This is the seguel to the narrowboat girl. In august 1942 Maryann gives birth to twin girls by then she had two sons named Joel and Ezra and A daughter named Sally after her beloved sister and Maryann also had a son Harry who sadly passed away due to pneumonia and Maryann and Joel named their daughters Ada and Esther after Joel's mother and sister. Maryann's best friend falls in to the water when heavily pregnant and drowns and her unborn baby dies too. Maryann and Darius are very upset and Norman Griffin turns up and sets fire to the boat with Maryann, Sally, Rose and the twins Esther and Ada on and poor Maryann and Ada was burnt and a woman helped her with Ada's burn by putting flour on to dry it up.

Review: I found this book really easy to get in to and hard to put down once l started reading it. I was hooked after reading the first page. I was really happy to be reading the follow on to the narrowboat girl. I was happy to read that Maryann had got a happy life with her husband and their 5 children and I was sad to read that Maryann lost a little boy Harry that he died of pneumonia. I was sad to read that Maryann's best friend Nancy drowned like Ada Joel and Darius's sister but is was very upsetting for Maryann because Nancy was Maryann only friend. She always use to share all her feelings with her sister Sally but she took her own life because of the things Norman Griffin did to her. Maryann and Sally's mother Flo buried Sally under Griffin not Nelson which l thought was wrong after everything Norman did to them poor girls. I thought their mother only cared about herself not her four children. She wanted money not her children. I was sad to read that Nancy's unborn baby died after she fell in the water and drowned and Darius was very upset about the loss of his girlfriend and their unborn baby. I wish Nancy and Darius could have been married because they made a great couple and l was happy Maryann did not die and she lived after her boat was set on fire. I felt sorry for poor Ada and Maryann being burnt and l hope Norman goes to jail where he belong

About The Author: Annie Murray was born in 1960 in Berkshire, and studied English at oxford university. Her first job took her to Birmingham where she met her husband, John. They have four children. In 1992 she began writing her first Birmingham novel, Birmingham rose, which made the times bestseller list when it was published in 1995. She has written six subsequent novels including, most recently, the highly successful chocolate girls.

About The Book: l love this cover and this book has two different covers and l love the front.

Star Rating: Five Out Of Five Stars

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