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Book Review: Giselle Green: Falling For You

Falling for You

Author: Giselle Green 

Title: Falling For You 

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Contemporary Romance, 

Synopsis: What if you find the love of your life only to discover he is your enemy? When a Fierce snowstorm traps two young strangers in an isolated ruins, The last thing they imagine is that they will fall in love - or how that will affect others around them. Rose is desperate to leave home and gain independence - but who will look after her frail father if she does? Lawrence has been working as a paramedic in war - torn sri Lanka - unexpectedly compelled him to return home, He finds himself a man on the run. The beguilingly gentle and handsome  Lawrence is everything rose has dreamed of - but why does he keep warning her away? The truth is, Lawrence has a darker past and personally much more at stake than rose knows like romeo and Juliet, Their families are also bitter enemies. As the thaw sets in, Rose is torn between a deep family loyalty to her father and her feelings for Lawrence. When Lawrence makes one last - ditch attempt to put things right for the woman. He loves, He faces both a past and a family - that threaten to destroy him as the opportunity to pursue her own dreams suddenly opens for rose, She discovers just how far she is prepared to go to keep him. 

Review: This book was real easy to get in to but it took me a long time to finish this book because l had a lot going on. I have read 3 books by Giselle green which are little miracles and finding you and this one. I was sad to read that rose's mother had passed away and her father had a accident which means he can not be left alone but rose wants to go to university so she asks her uncle, his wife and their daughter to look after him but they want to put in a nursing home it is sad to read that sunny will have his leg amputated if her does not get to the united kingdom for a operation.  Lawrence is going to ask his mother to   sponsor sunny to get him to the united kingdom to have his operation so he does not have his foot amputated. Lawrence does not want to come face to face with his father because his father attacked him and give him a black eye. I would tell people that you should step outside your comfort zone with books because it is good to add more authors and genres to your reading portfolio l read books of this genre but l have started reading other authors and genres as well. I was sad to read that Lawrence was the person who attacked rose's Father because he was in the barn on their land but Lawrence did not see who it was because it was dark in the barn and he thought it was his father. This book is a really great book and l highly recommend it to anyone. I can not wait to read more from Giselle green. I really like this storyline. Lawrence's father sounds evil. Wish Lawrence's mother and brother would get away from him. This is a great storyline. I would love to read more about Lawrence and rose. I hope sunny get his treatment so he does not lose his leg l hope his family is found so he is not alone in the world. It was sad to read that Lawrence's father locked him and his brother away till morning but it was mainly Lawrence he locked in. It sounds like Lawrence's father thought that Lawrence was always the naughty one not his brother. I was sad to read that Lawrence's father killed his dog kahn l want to read more from Giselle green she is one of my favorite authors the first book l read of Giselle was little miracles l had to buy the follow on finding you. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was nice to read that when rose fell on the ice and cut her leg and banged her head Lawrence saved her and carried her to the church and stitched her wound for her and lite a fire to warm her up. Rose Was out on christmas day to get the tablets her father needed. She would do anything for her father. Rose sounds like a great lady and Lawrence sounds sorry for what he did but he also sounds like a great guy who been though a lot at the hands of his father. This book has 439 pages. I would tell people to read this book for themselves to see how great it really is. It was nice to read that Lawrence help rose's father jack from choking and passed him his inhaler that slipped out of his hand l hope that jack takes the treatment but without selling their house and l hope Lawrence gets the help he needs to get sunny to the united kingdom for his operation to safe his leg. Rose's uncle and auntie wants to put jack in a nursing home but rose does not want that. Jack made a promise to Isla rose's mother not to let the macrae get their hands on the clare farm. It was sad to read that rose made her mother ill but she did not and Lawrence told rose that. Lawrence helped people move a fallen tree so the roads could be cleared of the snow. Lawrence wanted to see his mother and brother but after the attack on jack five years ago he thought he was going to end up in jail. It was a war world 2 bunker that rob macrae use to lock Lawrence in till morning and Lawrence told jack everything. I am happy to read that sunny's sister found him and is taking him to live with her. I was happy to read that rose got her letter to say she had been accepted. I was sad to read that Lawrence told his father to sign clare farm back to jack and rose so rob macrae attack Lawrence he is bleeding everywhere but his brother walks in on the attack but their father shuts the door in his face. Lawrence has his father's gun in his belt. I was happy to read that rose got in to the university she wanted and that jack was going to give the treatment in new York a try. I hope Lawrence and rose get together even though their father's are enemies and Lawrence accidentally attacked jack five years ago thinking it was his own father. I hope Lawrence survives his father attack and his mother and brother takes Lawrence's side because it sounds like they are scared of rob. I was sad to read that rob give Lawrence's mother a black eye no man should ever hit a women. I am hoping rob gets sent to jail where he belongs. This books is awesome l could happily read it again and again l can not wait to buy more of Giselle's books.

Star Rating: Five Out Of Five Stars 

News Paper Reviews: 

Tender and compelling guaranteed to keep you hooked till the very last word -Margaret Leroy

Thoroughly enjoyable modern - day romeo and Juliet her best book yet - the sun  

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