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Book Review: Emma Donoghue: Room



Author: Emma Donoghue 

Title: Room

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Contemporary,Adult Fiction, Adult, Book Club, Drama, Novels, Literacy Fiction, Literacy,

Synopsis: Jack is five, He lives in a single, locked Room with his ma. It is jack's birthday and he is excited about turning five. Jack lives with his ma in room, Which has a locked door and a skylight and measures 11 feet by 11 feet. He loves watching TV but he knows that nothing he sees on screen is truly real until the day ma admits that there's a world outside the room. 

Paper Reviews: 

Startlingly original and moving endearing and as utterly compelling as the lovely bones - Scotsman.

One of the most profoundly affecting book l have read in a long time - john boyne, Author of the boy in the striped pyjamas. 

This book will break your heart - Irish Times.

A triumph - Daily Telegraph 

Affecting and uplifting - Evening Standard 

Haunting and Compelling - Woman And Home 

Utterly gripping - Mirror Book Of The Week 

Heart - Burstingly, gut-wrenchingly compassionate - Daily Mail 

Beautifully nuanced - Sunday Telegraph 

Totally unique and intriguing - Cosmopolitan 

Absorbing, truthful and beautiful - Observer

Review: I got this book for my birthday. I think this book is really good I think jack and his mother sounds really nice and l think it is nice that they make their own fun and games. This is a great storyline. I think jack's mother needs to go to the dentist with her teeth so she is not in pain anymore. Jack is a brave boy even though he is only 5 years old. I am really enjoyed this book. Jack and his mother call pain relief killers. Jack and his mother only have each other as company until old nick comes to bring them stuff their need but jack's mother wants old nick to bring them vitamins but old nick says they cost too much. Jack was born in the room where their live now. Jack's mother is breastfeeding jack and still is. I wondered if Jack's mother family miss her like she misses them. jack has never walked outside and never wore shoes in the five years since he was born and jack's mother does not own a pair of shoes either. I was sad to read that jack's mother was kidnapped by old nick. It was sad to read that the only way jack could get out the room was to play dead. Jack and his mother are so brave. I am addicted to this book it is hard to put it down. I heard it is being made into a movie. I would love to watch it. I would love to read more about Jack and his mother. I hope old nick goes to jail where he belongs. I hope jack and his mother are reunited with their family.Jack's Mother takes everything old nick so he does not hurt jack her precious son. It was sad to read that the year before she had jack she give birth to a baby girl that sadly did not live that long and old nick buried the baby in the garden under a bush but jack's mother told their lawyer about her daughter. The year after the tragedy of the loss of her baby daughter she give birth to jack in room by herself this time when her daughter was born old nick was watching the cord had knotted around the poor baby neck. I was sad to read that l am glad old nick is in jail where he can not hurt anybody. I am glad jack's mother was reunited with her family who thought she was dead and had a funeral for her. her mother and her father split up after she disappeared. there is 401 pages in this book. there is 5 different chapters in this book one is present, two is unlying, three is dying, four is after and five is living. I highly recommend this book l can not put in to words how great this book really is. Jack's mother is going to the dentist and getting her teeth sorted so she is not in pain anymore. It was sad to read that jack's mother took a overdose glad she survived. Jack is making great progress outside room. I was happy jack's sister's body was found so the family could give her a proper funeral and proper grave so the family can take her flowers and teddies or just visit the baby girl's grave. jack's mother can name her daughter and get her a headstone for the baby girl that never got to see the world before she went to heaven where she gets to watch over her family.

Star Rating: Five Stars Out Of Five Stars 

Poem: My Child 

 Such trouble l have and you sleep, your heart is placid, you dream in the joyless wood, in the night nailed in bronze, in the blue dark you lie still and shine, - Simonldes ( C:556- 468 bce,)  Danae ( Tr. Richmond Lattimore)    

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