Friday, 19 February 2016

Book Review: Traci Inez Rapier: My Life As Traci

My Life As Traci

Author:  Traci Inez Rapier 

Title: My Life As Traci 

Genre: Biography & Autobiography, General, Biography, Autobiography,

Synopsis: l thank god l was not hurt worse. growing up as an African-American girl in Kentucky during the 1970's and 80's 
presented more than it is share of social challenges- racial issues, getting educated in a small-town setting, and living in a loving family that struggled to make ends meet. from the moment l was born, my father already having left the house, my ordinary life has been full of extraordinary situations-  all of which created a sense of life and compassion in me that prompted others to seek my advice, or help, or place as a peacemaker. that is, when l was not fighting to protect myself added to that were my two families that could not be more different: my loving mother and stepfather in a town of 400 in Kentucky, and a father who loved me, plus his wife who despised me, in danville,IL. it all led to a different growing-up time, supported by my extended family in Kentucky. the backdrop was late 1970's and 80's, when l went through school during a time when society was struggling to open up racially, and when everything from music to aids changed our views of the world. l lived it all, l watched a friend die of aids, and l came out of it with an understanding of life that serves me well in my profession. my life as traci captures the arc of my young life it is simply written to bring readers into both the spirit of the time and to invite them into my life, but it pries open the hidden corners, which seemed to constantly surround me always hopeful, but never shy about detailing traumatic moments, the book brings out the way my inner world develop, first through faith in my parents, then in the faith of my friendships, and finally in the faith of my spiritual beliefs.

Review: first of all l would like to say a big thank you to traci Inez rapier for sending me this book and giving me the chance to read it. l was sent this book in exchange for a honest review. l am glad this book is on my bookshelf. l would tell people that should step outside your comfort zone with books because it is good to add more authors and genres to your reading portfolio even if you do not read books like this. l normally do not read books like this genre but l stepped outside my comfort zone with authors and genres l am so glad l did because l have read so many great books l was sent this book by bostick communications who l want to say thank you to as well. l really enjoyed reading about traci and her life. l was sad to read that chad died due to a car accident. l was sad to read that chad's brother peter turned to drug's to cope with his brother's death and chad's sister nay turned to sleeping around to deal with her brother's death. it was sad to read that peter was diagnosed with aids due to drug uses and he just wanted to see his brother again. peter and nay are twins. l was sad to read that traci had tried to take her life to be with chad, Traci's stepmother and sister sound jealous of traci l really like that traci did not let them stop her learning at school. l think traci sound's like a very kind lady. it is the worse thing to lose somebody close to them. when traci was leaving school in 1986 l was born that year. this is a great book and it was hard to put down l really could not put this book down once l started reading it. traci kindly signed my book l was sad to read that peter passed away. l would love to read more about traci and her life and l would love to read more from this author.  

Star rating: 5 out of 5 stars    

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