Sunday, 14 February 2016

Book Review: D.A Scott: You,Me,We And The Other

You Me We ...and the other

Author: D.A.Scott 

Title: You, Me, We and the other

Genre: Religion and Spirituality, Religion studies, sciences and religion, politics and social sciences, philosophy, religious, self-help, spiritual

Synopsis: why am l here? what is the purpose of life? why do we suffer? these age old questions are explored in a new model of creation that fills the paradoxical gaps between science and religion. this thought provoking, carefully crafted study connects the dots between theology, mysticism, physics and psychology. the puzzle pieces of history fit nicely together unveiling an eloquent picture of nature that has remained hidden until this point in time. you will have answers to some of the haunting questions such as why does god that bad things happen to good people? and why does history continue to repeat itself in spite of what we know about it is sordid past?

Review: l was sent this book for review. l would tell people to step outside your comfort zone with books because it is good to add more authors and genres to your reading portfolio even if you do not read books like this and it was a real enjoyable storyline. this book was sent to me in exchange for a honest review by bostick communications and l want to say thank you to them and the author for sending me this book and giving me a chance to read this story. this book was easy to get in to and l highly recommend it to anyone and it was hard to put down once l started reading it and this book blow me away when l was reading it.

About the Author: Scott, the child of a prominent physicist, grew up in a household where rational thought and scientific method were the unquestioned norm. at the age of twenty, two first-hand, undeniable metaphysical experiences launched a forty-year study of the nature of existence. believing whole heartedly there is no such thing as supernatural, the obvious conclusion is: if something occurs in nature, even once,there must be a natural explanation. if it does not fit in to the model of what we know, then there must be more for us to learn. nature is far too sophisticated to leave it subtleties unaccounted for in the grander scheme of creation.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars 

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