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Book Review: Sarra Manning: After The Last Dance

After the Last Dance

This is the book cover l have 

Author: Sarra Manning 

Title: After The Last Dance

Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Historical, Chick lit, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Adult, Contemporary Fiction, 

Book Dedication: To all the men and women who passed through the doors of rainbow corner. Thank you for your inspiration, Your courage and your sacrifice. 

This book l got for free as part of a goodreads giveaway and firstread l never won any thing before but l want to say thank you to goodreads for having a great site and l want to say thank you to the person who hosted the giveaway and picking me as a winner. 

I am glad this book is on my bookshelf. I would tell people that you should step outside your comfort zone with books because it is good to add more authors and genres to your reading portfolio even if you do not read books like this. I normally read book of this genre but l also stepped outside my comfort zone with authors and genres l am so glad l did because l have read so many great books. I highly recommend this book. The author is really nice.

Synopsis: Two women, Two love affairs, One unforgettable story. Kings cross station, 1943. Rose arrives in London hoping to swap the drudgery of wartime for romance, Glamour and jiving with gls at rainbow corner, the famous dance hall in Piccadilly circus. As the bombs fall, Rose loses her heart to a pilot but will lose so much more before the war has done its worst. Las Vegas, present day, A beautiful woman in a wedding dress walks in to a seedy bar and asks the first man she sees to marry her. When Leo slips a ring on to Jane's finger, He has no idea that his new wife will stop at nothing to get what she wants. So when Jane meets Rose, now a formidable older lady, there is no love lost between them. But with time running out, Can Rose and Jane come together to make peace with the tragic secrets that have always haunted their lives? After the last dance is an extraordinary story of two women, Separated by time but connected by fate, That will make you believe in the redemptive power of unexpected love.

Review: I found this book really easy to get in to l was hooked after reading the first few pages. It was horrible to read that Jane's fiancee left her on their wedding day to do work. Jane wants to find somebody to marry her before her birthday she will be 27 she goes to the bar in her wedding dress. I enjoyed reading this book and about Jane and Rose. I would like to read more from this author. I got a arc of this book. This book has 421 pages and 38 chapters in it. Jane's fiancee did not leave her on their wedding day like she told Leo. She was the one who left Andrew on their wedding day. Andrew was heartbroken. Leo took most of the money they won leaving Jane only a bit. I was sad to read that Jane left her fiancee on their wedding day. this is a great storyline. I can not put in to words how great this book really is l would tell people to read it for themselves to know how great it really is. Leo and Jane know they can not stay married. Leo does drugs and like drinking and Jane does not do drugs or drinks. Jane wants Andrew to make a fresh start without her. Rose wants to join american red cross but she is not twenty one but Sylvia is going to help her get papers saying she is twenty one. Being part of american red cross is one of Rose's dreams. I was sad to read that Leo's great auntie was ill but Leo wanted to take Jane home to London with him so he could see his great auntie and let Jane meet his great auntie and maybe the rest of his family which l think is nice but Jane told him they could not stay married. It was nice that Jane agreed to go with Leo to see his great auntie who was very poorly and he wanted them to act like a happily married couple. Jane went along with the plan to act like a devoted wife for his great auntie. Leo's great auntie was called Rose. His great auntie made Jane and Leo stay for dinner and get to know Jane more. It was sad that Leo's great auntie has cancer. Leo's great auntie Rose loved Jane and was happy Leo had married Jane. She thought Jane was beautiful. Rose was working as a american red cross lady and she meet a bomber named Danny. Her friends tried to keep Danny and Rose apart. It was hard to put this book down once l started reading it. I Love reading books about war and the olden days. I can not get enough of this book. There is a bit of sex,drugs and drink in it but id is a great book. I hope Leo gets off the drugs and drink because he and Jane makes a great couple. It was sad that Danny's friend Phil died when his plane went down in flames. Rose was heartbroken by the news of Phil's death. Leo's mother was in town visiting Leo's great auntie Rose. She was coming for dinner Rose knew it would be the last time she sees her. Leo's great auntie Rose had stage four secondary liver cancer she was on painkillers she had months maybe weeks to live. Danny has not written to Rose she fears the worse. It was nice of Jane to go and talk to Leo's mother. Leo sounds horrible for not going to hug or talk to his mother he should have talked or hugged her because she give him life he would not be alive if it was not for his mother. Leo's great auntie Rose was Rose who was a american red cross worker. This book is full of surprises. Jane thinks Leo come back for his auntie's money Leo come back for his great auntie's. Leo said it is not the case he come because he loves and cares about her not her money. It was nice of Edward to be building a house to help people who lost everything due to the war. I fall more in love with this book as l get through more pages. This book gets better and better. Jane loves how friendly Leo's great auntie and mother is. They both sound like great women. Edward sounds like a great guy who wants to help people after the war which is a really nice thing. It was sad to read that because Danny put a ring on Rose's finger that he thought he could take anything he wanted from Rose. Danny raped Rose and she wanted nothing to do with Danny. Jane wants to stay married to Leo . There is 424 pages and 38 chapters in this book. it is good that Leo is trying to change his life around hope he stays off the drugs. I feel for Rose after what she been through l hope she does not get pregnant by Danny. Danny sounds like he thinks he can take whatever he wants from women. I hope Rose does not get together with Danny and she founds someone who loves her and won't hurt her and she she finds a guy she will happily marry and have kids with him. I would love to read more about Jane,Leo,Rose And Leo's mother. I can not get enough of this book. I have enjoyed reading this story. I like that Jane and Leo told Rose she needed stronger pain relief. Jane wanted to hear all about Rose's past which Rose happily told her. It was nice that Rose knitted a teddy for the children who Edward was helping and took them chocolate bars. It was horrible to read that the 4 adults and 3 children was so skinny and scared and they was hidden in a cellar for two years because they was Jewish. Jewish people who do not hide are sent concentration camps some of the Jewish people would die in in the camps and some of them would be rescued. Rose helped the adults to chairs while Edward made them a drink and got them something to eat. It was sad to read that there was a bombing in London and Rose's house was left in rumble and Rose did not know if her friends are alive or dead. Edward was there to support Rose and to help her. I feel for Rose having lost all her belongings and maybe her friends too. Rose was heartbroken. All Rose's friends died and Rose went to identified Maggie's body because she had no family. Rose was full of soot but she had no clothes to change in to. Rose went to all her friends funerals. Edward was there to say goodbye to Rose's friends. Rose and Edward loved each other but Rose was scared of being raped again. Edward would not hurt Rose in any way. It is really horrible to read that Rose is in so much pain. I hope Leo and Jane stay together as husband and wife as they make a great couple. This is a great book and storyline. It was sad to read about Rose's death and she wanting to be back with her friends. Leo and Jane took Rose's death hard they was heartbroken. Jane hide under the bed after Rose's passing away. Rose told everybody want she wanted to wear in her coffin and she did not want a open coffin. They was going to ask Rose's hairdresser to do Rose's hair the way she liked it. I would love to know what secrets Jane is hiding. I hope Leo and Jane have a baby together if they have a girl they should name her Rose. Leo made peace with his mother. It was sad that Jane was made to do things no child should do and she was raped by many men. Jane killed a man who raped her and she ran away from home and she meet Charles on the train he paid for her ticket. I am glad everybody stay in touch after Rose's death. Jane and Leo stay together as a married couple and Rose was reunited with all of her friends after her death she was also back in the arms of her one true love Edward they was all dancing on the dance floor in rainbow corner where their journey started. Rose seen Danny from time to time but she was safe in Edward's arms. Danny lied to Rose when they meet he said he loved her and would marry her but he was already married with two children and Edward told Rose that Danny was back with his wife and two children. 

Star Rating: Five out of Five stars 

About The Author: Sarra Manning is an author and journalist. She has written for the guardian, Elle, Grazia, Red and you magazine, and is the author of several best selling young adult novels including guitar girl, The diary of a crush trilogy and adorkable. After the last dance is her fifth adult novel. Sarra lives in north London with her staffordshire bull terrier miss Betsy, And prides herself on her unique ability to accessories.   

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