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Book Review: L.F Falconer: The Legacy Of Skur

The Legacy of Skur: Volume One

Author: L.F Falconer 

Title: The Legacy Of Skur Volume One 

Genre: Fiction,Fantasy,Epic 

Synopsis: The last one standing wins no one has ever returned from skur. It is a death quest, Fane is told, but this altruistic, starry-eyed young man chooses to ignore the legends, for according to the wizard fith, hidden among the wealth of treasure atop the mountain of skur is the key to eternal life. Can Fane hope to steal it from under the nose of it's guardian dragon? armed with little more than a sword and a magical talisman, Fane's misadventures upon the mist-enshrouded mountain begin in this epic saga of love, betrayal, war, vengeance, and friendship, we follow the pawns who are shrewdly manipulated in an attempt to save a dying race within a celestial game of dominance. It is survival of the fittest as the players are mercilessly maneuvered across the field, and there are their stories. Fane, the wizard's apprentice. Kael, the warrior and Elva, the legacy. 

Review: first of all l would like to say a big thank you to L.F Falconer for sending me her books and giving me a chance to read this story. I was sent this book in exchange for a honest review. I am glad this book is on my bookshelf  l would tell people that you should step outside your comfort zone with books because it is good to add more authors and genres to your reading portfolio even if you do not read books like this l normally do not read books of this genre but l stepped outside my comfort zone with authors and genres l am so glad l did because l have read so many get books . I highly recommend this book the author is really nice and kind. l would love to read more from this author. I was sent this book by bostick communications who l want to say thank you to as well. I really enjoyed reading this book l found this book easy to get in to. I was sad to read that jink's body was taken over by a witch and he was raped by the man who was suppose to look after him. He was sold to this man by a woman who was looking after him. Jink's mother was a whore. Kael and Fane was brother's their mother had passed away she liked jink and thought just because his mother was a whore he did not deserve to be treated bad. Kael and Fane's father did not like jink. Fane was learning magic with a wizard Fith. Fane went looking for ragg's gold with jink. Jink died saving his best friend Fane's life. Ragg made himself look like jink to get the crystal off Fane so he could kill Fane. The witch who took over jink's body was called Larque. Fane ended up eating trolls to stop him from dying. Fane meet a troll named Hhaak and she took what she wanted from Fane and she got pregnant by Fane. Kael found his brother he told Kael that jink died saving his life and that jink died a warrior and Hhaak is my mate and she is pregnant with my child l can not leave this cave because if l do he will kill everybody in avar. Fane asked Kael to look after Hhaak and his child. This crystal stops Ragg touching me but l want you to take it do not let Ragg get his hands on it. Kael told Fane that their father will understand the honor of his death. he wanted jink to have the same honor in death. Hhaak went in to labour so Kael founds a midwife who did not tell anybody of the births she attended. Hhaak had a baby girl but sadly she died in childbirth the baby was crying to be fed the midwife let the baby suck on her finger to keep her quiet. The little girl looked like a normal baby apart from her pointed ears. the midwife told Kael to go find a girl named Alyn who give birth two days ago to a little girl who was stillborn. He found Alyn . Alyn was in debt to this man for letting her and her two siblings after their parents passed away live there. Alyn's brother and sister passed away. The man she worked for paid for their funerals so she was in more debt with him so he made her sleep with men for money. Kael paid off her debt of two crowns. Alyn agreed to be a wet nurse for Kael's niece he let Alyn choose her name. She named the baby Elva the name she was going to name her daughter who sadly passed away. He took Alyn and Elva to their home and told their father that Fane had married Alyn before he went to find Ragg's gold and left her pregnant with Elva. Kael went to war and nearly died but he survived he had fallen in love with Alyn and they got married with the blessing of their father. Dian said he was happy to take Alyn as his daughter in law again. Elva called Kael papa and Dian grandpapa. A year after their got married Alyn give birth to their son they named him Lundin the following year their had a daughter Sashi. After the birth of their third child the following autumn, tragedy stuck their third born was another son named Devon when Devon was one month old he passed away in his sleep. Kael buried the baby behind their house Devon was not ill. Kael found out his father had passed away Kael got his father's coronet handed to him he would wear it from now on. Ragg found out Kael had the crystal from one of the guys that helped after he was stabbed when he was at war. Ragg ate Fane's friend Fith but the poor wizard died before he hit the floor. Ragg treated Kael's wife and children and his niece. Alyn found Elva missing the next morning but their house was still locked up. Ragg changed in to a mouse so he could get in to the house he give Elva to Blugort  and then went back in to put the bar back down so Kael and Alyn did not know anybody had been in their house. Ragg told Elva that Kael killed her mother because she was a troll and that he wanted her gone too. Ragg wanted Blugort to kill Elva and bring her head to him to show Kael that he meant business but Blugort could not go through with killing Elva so he killed a troll so he could sell Elva to a ogre. Ragg changed himself in to Kael to make Alyn think it was her husband He made Alyn come to the barn with him. he wrapped her in to his arms she said this is not the time. The Blugort was hiding in the barn and Ragg put a rope around Alyn's neck and the Blugort pulled her up. Alyn choked last thing she saw was her husband cutting open her belly. Ragg killed Alyn and their unborn baby Kael buried them behind their house with their baby boy Devon and Elva's bloody nightdress covering Alyn and their unborn baby. Blugort tried to sell Elva to the ogre but he did not want her so the Blugort left poor Elva in the cave to die.Elva was a very brave girl she thought her mother and father was living the high life in the castle but that was far from the truth. Kael thought Elva was dead but she was alive she thought nobody wanted her but her uncle wanted her. Gwin lost his hand because he kissed Elva and she wanted to be with him but that horrible boy said she belonged to him not Gwin l was happy to read that she stood up for herself and she came face to face with her papa she wanted to kill him but she listen to her own telling. Elva found him sitting with his son and daughter but she could not see her mama or any other children then her papa told her Ragg had killed Alyn and their unborn baby. Kael told Elva that Ragg was a shape changer. He said he had failed Alyn and their unborn baby, Elva and his brother Fane. I was sad to read that Alyn and her unborn baby died and that Alyn thought Kael and Alyn did not want her because of  Ragg telling her that they both hated her when really they loved her like she was their daughter. I was sad to read that Elva was raped and she thought she was pregnant by that horrible boy. I feel sorry for Gwin that his mother said he was cursed because he was was born without a arm but Elva told Gwin that maybe it was his mother was cursed not him. Elva loves Gwin but Rudne treated Gwin to stay away from Elva or he would lose a foot .Gwin sounds like a great boy just a shame his mother is so nasty and  l was sad to read Gwin's father went hunting and never returned. the author kindly signed my book. it says cheers Donna pay attention to your sparks. this book is 400 pages long this book was hard to put down once l started reading it.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars 

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