Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Book Review: Annette Marie Spiezio: Higher Places The Spirituality Found Through Our Dogs

Higher Places: The Spirituality found through our dogs

Author: Annette Marie Spiezio

Title: Higher Places The Spirituality Found Through Our Dogs 

Genre: Pets, Dogs, General

Synopsis: The gifts we are given through our dogs. Higher places is an inspirational account of how the dogs in our lives move us to be better beings how our lives are elevated by the honor of loving a dog. this is also an account of how god's grace resides within everything in life as he teaches us all sorts of wonderful life lessons through out canine friends, there is an intentional purpose in our dog's lives beyond simple joys we experience by spending time with them if we are open to receiving god's grace, we can feel closer to god. In the presence  of those furry companions you don't have to be a dog person to be delighted by this loving, humorous tribute to god's creations, but those who are blessed by the love of a good dog will be especially moved to smile, shed a tear, and feel their heart ascend to higher places.

Review: l found this book real easy to get in to and l liked reading about the dogs and it is a great book to read and it is a most have on your bookshelf and l am glad this book is in my library and l was sent this book for a honest review and this book is good to read if you are a animal lover like myself l have a cat and a dog they are both sleeping next to me as l write this review and l could not live without them in my life. I like when they both join me in bed l had cats and dogs my whole life. I want to say thank you to bostick communications and the author for sending me this book l love that the dogs in this book are treated like part of the family. I was sad to read some of the dogs passed away. my cat and dog are a big part of my family and they even get christmas presents they both have a stocking too. I love when my cat and dog cuddled up together. 

About the author: Annette marie spiezio lives in naperville, Illinois, with her partner, Nancy, and four dogs. Annette is a counselor by profession, and she and Nancy own and run a private practice, Spiezio and affiliates. They enjoy the simple things in life, gardening, their pool, their dogs, and the company of family and friends,for  whom they are ever so grateful. Higher places: the spirituality found through our dog's is Annette's first book 

Star Rating: Five Out Of Five Stars 

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