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Book Review: C.D Lane: Living To Die / Dying To Live: 29 Years Surviving HIV

Living to Die/Dying to Live: 29 Years Surviving HIV

Author: C.D Lane
Title: Living To Die / Dying To Live: 29 Years Surviving HIV.
Genre: Biography and Autobiography, Personal Memoir, Biography, Personal, Autobiography, Memoir,

I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I got this book from bostick communications.

First of all l would like to say a big thank you to C.D Lane for sending me his book and giving me a chance to read it. I also want to say a big thank you to bostick communications for letting me be apart of their book reviewing team.

I would tell people that you should step outside your comfort zone with books because it is good to add more authors and genres to your reading portfolio. Even if you do not read books like this.
I normally read books of this genre but l also stepped outside my comfort zone. I am so glad l did because l have read so many great books and come across some great authors.

This book has 258 pages and 42 chapters in it.

I highly recommend this book.

Synopsis: On February the 10th 1987, I was told I would be dead in a year. This is a book of lies exposing the truth. This is my story from my point of view with harsh revelations and very pleasant realities. Nothing will be hidden from the world when the pages are all turned. This will be a shock to some, a joy to very few and there are friends and family who may never speak to me again once the truths are no longer hidden. It has been oft adopted out of context and it is my turn now. “ and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”, (gospel of John Ch.8.VS.32) I am not speaking of the truth of knowing Jesus. I am speaking of the truth of knowing me. If the truth sets me free from relationships that can not handle the truth. I am truly sorry.

It has been said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but l can see nothing in my past that is truly beautiful. The words will show the complications and dirtiness that is life. Some will read these words and swear l will burn in hell. Perhaps, but “ judge not, that ye be judged, for with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you” - ( Matthew . CH. 7. Vs. 1-3). so be careful. If there is a hell. You may h=join me there. The truth can also get twisted as I have done to protect the not so innocent. I will say this is my story. It is very graphic at times, hurtful of individuals at time ( not intentional) and quite possibly something you may not want your children to know about. This is not something I want my mother to read.

With regard to the form of prose. This book is written with no manual of style, with no consideration for grammar and a complete disregard for what spell check does not catch. The words are here solely to illustrate the broken truth that is life … my life.

Review: I found this book really easy to get in to and hard to put down once I started reading it. I was hooked on this book after reading the first page. I wish this book would not finish I was sad to finish reading this book. I wish there was a follow on to this book I would happily read this book again. I sometimes cuddle up with my cat reading this book or listening to magic. I am addicted to this book. I love reading memoirs and I love reading about other people stories sometimes they make me cry. I can not put in to words how great this book is I would tell people to read it for themselves to know how great it really is. Sometimes when it is too hot to sleep I would just read this book. This book is a must read l am so glad l have read this book. This book is a must have on any bookshelf. I wish I could rate this book more then five stars because it is worth more then the five stars l rated it. I reviewed this book on goodreads, amazon UK and us and on my blog. I got this book in hardback. I also share pictures on  my Instagram  donnareviewsbooks that l made to share pictures of my beautiful books. Some of the songs the author picked for his memorial are great. Wiz Khalifa see you again was played at my Grandad's funeral it was also the first song l heard after my Grandad passed away. It is so fitting for any memorial/funeral. I was sad to read about the loss of C.D Land and Amy's baby daughter Dianna Dee Lane. It is really hard to lose a loved one. I do not judge the author. I could not get enough of this book. I would love to read more from C.D Lane. This is a good but also sad book. I would happily read this book again. But I would tell people not to judge the book or author. It really is a great book. I was sad to read that so many people had sadly passed away. It was nice to read that the author was still best friends with his ex-wife. I liked that they had a daughter together. I was sad to read that lisa had passed away. I would like to say rest in peace to all the people that sadly passed away and to the families of them all sorry for your loss. It sounds like Amanda has great parents. I would chill out on my bed reading this book and listening to magic. I loved reading about the authors life and I think he is very brave telling his story. I was really sad to read that his brother passed away. It is nice that all the wedding gifts C.D Lane and Lisa got are being given to their daughter when she is ready to take them. It was nice to read that Amanda father's boyfriend and her mother's husband are going to be there for her when the time comes when her beloved father passes away. All the money from this book sale will go to Amanda after the author ( her father) passes away so please buy this book.

About The Author: Dee Lane grew up in Birch river, West Virginia, a very small, no stop light town. Lane's youthful habits may have been typical, but where mistakes that would shape who he is now in spite of the fact he was attempting to cover up who he was then. His promiscuity bordered an predatory and his seductions were numerous. On reflection most guys would simply say “ boys will be boys” while others would say he was his parent's worse nightmare. It is a semantic argument whether history proves this out, or if it was simply youthful exuberance.

Mr. Lane has always been outspoken, and often his words escape his mouth with little or no filter. Leaving home as soon as he could at just barely 18, he was off to make his own way and survive the evils of the world, the life and times of Dee Lane is not a pretty story but then life is not all daffodils and sunshine. Lies upon lies were stacked up like cord wood to hide the truth that he feared would hurt others. But this in itself was a lie to himself. Dee was diagnosed   HIV positive on February 10th, 1987. there after accepting every illness as possibly bringing his last breathe. After a life of mistake after mistake, living like a rock star, at times on the budget of a vagrant. Sleeping with many women and men and loving a few. Spending 10 years in the navy on some wonderfully clandestine still classified missions and moonlighting in restaurants all over the world. He then marriaged his best friend with whom he had a daughter and become part owner of a restaurant. By order of his doctors. Dee Lane is now retired and writing full time.

About The Book: I really like this book cover. I like the picture on this book cover. I love the colours on this book cover. I love that the picture is a waterfall.

Star Rating: Five Out Of Five Stars.

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